Government told to address floods menace in the country

Retired Archbishop Zacchaeus Okoth calls upon the government to find lasting solution to flood menace.

The national government has been urged to invest in long term flood protection measures to cushion Kenyans from sufferings during rainy seasons.

Retired Archbishop Zacchaeus Okoth says with proper investment, citizens will no longer undergo pain whenever the country experiences long rains.

Okoth says floods had brought miseries to the people of Kenya and it is time the government responds to their cries by putting in infrastructures that can deal with excess water whenever it rains.

He says construction of dykes and holding dams are some of the urgent measures the government should explore to address the flood menace.

Speaking in Sango Rota in Nyakach Sub County where he joined inter faith groups during the donation of food and non food stuff to residents who have been displaced from their homes due to floods, Okoth says the government has the capacity to seek for help from developed nations to fund the mitigation measures.

Okoth who is a member of the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) advisory task force committee also challenged counties within the Lake Victoria basin to utilize the lake resources for economic empowerment of the people.

He says the lake is a huge resource that has remained untapped noting that tourism is viable in the lake region.