Governor Rasanga asks the Luo to shun retrogressive cultures 


Hundreds of Siaya County residents attended Got Ramogi Cultural Festival mainstream activities last Friday in Bondo Constituency with a view to tasting the rich Luo culture that has been appreciated by the high and the mighty attending this occasion.

The participants were treated to various traditional dishes, cultural dances and had opportunities to enhance social interactions during the three day event.

Addressing the residents who converged at Got Ramogi Hills, several leaders led by Kisumu Governor Prof. Peter Anyang’ Nyong’o and his Siaya counterpart Cornel Rasanga appealed to their kinsmen to shun retrogressive cultures and instead embrace the rich beliefs that will be useful for posterity in future generations.

The duo regretted the influx of western cultures eroding the rich Luo culture and warned that if not tamed will condemn our traditional culture into extinction.

“There can never be a culture as rich as the Luo culture as it has earned Nyanza Counties lots of revenue in tourists attraction, and as governors we will strive to support local tourism,” Nyong’o said.

Governor Nyong’o however asked Luos to trade carefully with the culture of wife inheritance lest it became detrimental to the community owing to its negative effects that boarders on health and family.

“As we celebrate Luo Culture today at Got Ramogi where Luos trace their roots, we ought to pick and embrace cultures such as traditional dances, delicacies and get enlightened on tools, traditional utensils, among others,” said the Chief Guest who is also the Kisumu Governor.

“We need to opt for traditional foods such as Sorghum Porridge, Traditional Vegetable, such as Osuga, Mito that prolong lives and strengthen bones,” added Nyong’o.

Alego /Usonga MP Samuel Atandi has said Luos should be respected as key leaders who have continuously fought for good governance. “We also have cultures like beating women, wife inheritance were embraced by our fore fathers hence outdated hence should be discarded.,” said Atandi adding that those who land jobs in the diaspora or in major towns across the country should consider developing homes at the grassroots to prevent shame and disrespect.

While he called upon the Luos to go polygamy as a way of enhancing unity and respect in the society, nominated MP Prof. Jackline Oduol, a linguist noted that Luos must go beyond dances and value comprehension and look into family issues.

Gem MP Elisha Odhiambo said our heritage ought to be protected and affirmed that it was through culture that we quip our sons to get rid off vices like corruption.

Also present were Dr. Christine Ombaka, Siaya Women Representative and a host of elected, nominated and appointed leaders from across the breadth and width of the Luo Community including Opiyo Wandayi, MP Ugunja, Members of various County Assemblies and County Executive Committees.