Grassroots Trust roots for public participation on donor funded projects.

Lawrence Apiyo at his office in Kisumu.

A non state actor, Grassroots Trust, has protested in the manner the public has been left out in decision making during the implementation of World Bank projects in Kisumu.

The Trust Director Lawrence Apiyo is particular with the roll out of Kenya Informal Settlements Improvement Project (KISIP) that is being rolled out in Muhoroni Township.

Apiyo says the project is for the people and it is prudent to bring them on board at every stage.

“We are happy for the projects being brought to the county by World Bank, French Government amongst other agencies, but we need full public participation,” he said.

Apiyo says the county government of Kisumu must be ready to ensure such projects are carried out devoid of hue and cry from the public.

He says the manner in which KSIP project is being carried out in Muhoroni is wanting and called for a review of the Settlement Committee that was formed to spearhead the implementation.

Speaking to the press in Kisumu, Apiyo says the project was aimed at bringing order in the informal settlement in Muhoroni.

He says the public who are to be affected by the implementation have complained of highhandedness of the committee who are rolling out the project.

“We have received complaints from about 20 families, their pleas to the county government has hit a snag, that is why they came to us, some of them are being threatened that they must give out parcels of their land,” he said.

Apiyo says the project is good and will improve on the informal settlements in Muhoroni but the approach of implementation is worrying.

He called upon Governor Anyang Nyong’o to come out and respond to the cries of residents of Muhoroni with an aim of addressing the sticking issues so that the project can move on smoothly.