Health aid call for sick child


A family in Suna West sub-county has called for financial aid to help their infant get treatment of hydrocephalus, a swelling of the head caused by fluids at birth. 

James White was born on May last year prematurely weighing 1.5kilos and was taken to incubator before he started experiencing hydrocephalus.

White’s mother Jackline Akinyi said while the infant was to be treated for operation, he first was to weigh 5 kilos.Akinyi said her fourth born child needs at least Sh80,000 for each visit which is more if costs of medicines and transport is needed, which the family cannot afford.

Akinyi used to work as a vegetable vendor, and the husband Kennedy Omondi a boda boda rider but since the sickness set in they had to stop work and reschedule.

Omondi said he stopped his job when he mortgage the entire family source of income to treat the infant, which forced him to move from Migori town back to their rural home in Bondo Nyironge village as they couldn’t afford rent in Migori town.

The couple said they are worried as the stunt placed to regulate the flow of liquid on the infant’s head need checkup as it malfunctions occasionally which has seen the head to grow bigger.

They said they still hope through medical help and God’s mercy their infant will have a normal life like three of his older siblings.

The couple can be reached on this number 0720020345.EndsAttachments area

By LTN Reporter