Hospitals in informal settlements to be cleaned


The 2,300 youth who are absorbed under the National Hygiene Program in Kisumu will be required to ensure health facilities are clean.

Nyanza regional commissioner James Kianda says the youth will only not concentrate on roads and drainages but will extend to cover health facilities.

Kianda says in conjunction with the county government, the youth will be required to clean up the environment around hospitals in the informal areas.

“We will work closely with Governor Anyang Nyong’o to ensure we give correct equipment to these youth to clean our health facilities,” he said.

According to President Uhuru Kenyatta, the program will involve residents in 23 informal settlements, spread across seven counties.

Kianda says the program will create jobs while making the environment healthier.

During the launch of the program, Kisumu County Commissioner Susan Waweru announced that only five areas in the informal settlements will pilot the program.

Waweru says the scale up to include other areas will be subject to the success of the pilot program.

“We will advice the government if need be to extend this programe to other areas, that will depend on how successful this pilot goes,” she said.

She appealed to young people who have been recruited into the program to take the work seriously while maintaining social distancing as directed by the ministry of health to combat the spread of COVID-19 pandemic.