Juakali artisans set for certification :By JOSEPH OJWANG


Ministry of Education has announced government plans to start the process of certifying the qualifications of juakali artisans in the country.

Zachary Kinuthia, the Chief Administrative Secretary in the Ministry of Education says the Kenya National Qualifications Authority will carry out the certification process.

Kinuthia says the artisans will be subjected to practical tests before they can be issued by the government certificates through the Authority.

Kinuthia says thousands of mechanics, plumbers, masons and electricians in the country have acquired their skills in the informal sectors.

Speaking during the opening of a two day seminar on integrated approaches to improve technical training and youth employment in the lake basin region at The Kisumu National Polytechnic, Kinuthia challenged technical institutions to improve on their curriculum.

He says there is need to work out on a curriculum that is job oriented.

Kinuthia says most of the students being churned out of the institutions are half baked in terms of skills baling it on the curriculum.

He says the job market is currently dynamic challenging institutions to come up with courses that are after sought.

Kinuthia says the government has given a platform to young people in the country to train is courses that are geared towards propelling the Big 4 Agenda.

The CAS warned technical colleges against hiking school fees since that will prevent students from joining such institutions.

The outgoing PS for state department for vocational and technical training Dr Kevit Desai says they are working closely with the Lake Region Economic Bloc (LREB) to develop skills among the young people.

Kevit challenged counties to factor into the county integrated development plans how to raise the manpower in technical skills.