KAA confident Sh234m airport upgrade closed for a year will end by June.


The Kenya Airports Authority has assured tourism sector stakeholders that Sh234milion Lichota Airstrip construction in Migori county will be finished by June as assigned despite delays. 

Work on the airstrip which serves Western Kenya tourism circuit and others from Tanzania began in July last year and has been closed down completely causing a major disruption. 

Acting KAA Managing Director KAA Alex Gitari called for patience from stakeholders and area residents saying the closure has inconvenienced tourism stakeholders and residents who use chartered planes. 

The work on the airport delayed for a month, causing jitters that the scheduled time for a year will not be achieved. 

KAA Projects and Engineering Services officer Fred Odawo said work was delayed for a month as part of the 88 acres airstrip is swampy for runaway and security patrol area. 

Odawo said part of airstrip, security patrol and fencing has been delayed for a month because of unsuitable soil because part of it is swampy adding that they have addressed the matter technically and will finish it by June.

 The previous 1.1kiliometer runway which was part tarmac and gravel was completely overhauled and added to reach standard 1.2 kilometers with over 30 meters wide. This will allow it have more and bigger airplanes from current two only which could taxi or park at the strip. 

The upgraded Migori Airstrip will not only unlock the potential economic activities of the South Nyanza region but also enhance transport connectivity circuit within its environs.

 Inspection of construction of Migori Airstrip is part of a countrywide tour by KAA Management to inspect the ongoing works across airstrips. The Airstrips include Kitale, Kakamega & Suneka. 

Halane Construction Company director Daudi Sheik, which is undertaking the work, said he is confident of completing the work within stipulated time. 

By LTN Reporter.