Kano elders call for peace


Elders drawn from the entire Kano community converged in Muhoroni to preach for peace as they called for political leaders to mind what they say during this electioneering period.

Led by the community deputy council of elders Mzee Ruga Masero, the elders say the community must guard their tongues and inculcate brotherliness.

Masero says Raila Odinga, the presidential candidate from the community should not be let down through loose tongues of the leaders.

He says leaders must act cautiously and present the community as peace loving people as opposed to the violent and verbal attacks on other leaders.

Charles Odago, a member of the council warned youths to desist from causing mayhem during funerals in the community.

Odago says for a Raila presidency, the community must preach and practice peace amongst them.

He says more often, youths have been used to cause chaos in funerals at a time families are burying their loved ones.

Raphael Ochiel, Kolwa council of elders chairman says development will only thrive in the community if there is peace.

Ochiel says a Raila presidency portends well for the Luo community and leaders must act with decency and uphold integrity.

By Joseph Ojwang