KANU raids Migori amidst Obado’s impeachment bid

Gordon Ogolla

The Kenya Africa National Union (KANU) party is making inroads in Raila Odinga’s Migori backyard amid Okoth Obado’s ouster bid. 

Odinga whose party, ODM sponsored majority of the members of the Migori county assembly has been accused of dictatorship and witch hunt by Obado’s proponents , who have made several attempts to scuttle the impeachment motion.  

Speaking during delegates meeting in Migori, KANU pointman to the region Gordon Ogolla, who also serves as a member of the party’s national executive committee member, said that they are expanding their territories and rebranding ahead of the general elections. 

Gordon, a friend turned foe to Obado and former Migori county assembly speaker, added that their agenda is to let people at the grass root to actively participate in political discourse. 

He said they will soon establish offices in the eight sub counties across Migori county. The defiant ODM MCAs led by Thomas Akungo (Kaler) had issued a warning to the ODM party saying they won’t be forced to impeach the county boss terming the move by Odinga’s party as ill advised. 

The ODM party’s position has created a division at the Migori county assembly, paving way for other political parties to seal the porous democratic space, with KANU taking the leading. 

By Basil Okoth