Katito level 4 hospital on the spot

Residents of Nyakach keenly following score card report on Katito Health Center.

Residents of North Nyakach ward have expressed dissatisfaction in the manner Katito level 4 hospital is offering services to patients.

During the release of a scorecard report on health services at the hospital, locals who were interviewed decry poor service delivery and called for action.

The baseline survey was conducted by Transform Empowerment for Action Initiative (TEAM) in partnership with URAI, through funding from DANIDA.

Kennedy Odhiambo, a resident of Nyakach says the hospital is not serving its core function since locals get it difficult to get proper medication.

Odhiambo says the hospital is now a shell of itself, not even able to attend to malaria patients.

“It is sad that every tablet prescribed at the hospital, you must get it from outside the hospital,” he said.

Odhiambo says they were contemplating organizing a massive demonstration to push the county government to act.

He says some people are sleeping on the job while the public, who are taxpayers, are suffering.

“We need social accountability and I want to thank TEAM for initiating this, it gives us strength to confront our leaders,” he said.

A community health worker, Everline Okuto says many patients have suffered in the surrounding with many seeking medical attention from the neighboring hospitals.

“Our people go as far as seeking medical attention in Sigowet in the neighboring Kericho County,” he said.

Okuto narrated how a young woman nearly lost her life after being turned away from the hospital since they could not attend to her.

She questioned why the hospital could not release the ambulance to take the woman who was about to give birth to another hospital.

Okuto says such occurrences are heart wrenching and should be condemned.

“Why is the ambulance stationed at the hospital if it cannot help our people who are in dire need of services,” she asked.

TEAM programme officer Cliff Ochieng says the program is aimed at giving the public a voice to air out their grievances and to help in coming up with solutions.

Ochieng says the public must engage their leaders in demanding for proper service delivery.

“We are giving the public a path which will lead them into getting answers on how funds meant for their wellbeing is utilized at the hospital,” he said.

He says the score card brought out the lack of essential drugs at the hospital pharmacy and the poor relationship of the hospital management and the community.

“The community has not been involved in engaging the leadership to account for use and utilization of these resources,” he said.

The launch of the report was attended by county officials from the health department who promised to look into the issues raised by the public.

By LTN Reporter