Kenyan Widows Celebrate USA Thanksgiving Day in Style.

PHOTO/Andre Patrice Carter

Close to 500 families in Nyanza region benefitted from food donations as USA marked Thanksgiving Day on Thursday this week.

As Americans were celebrating the Day, a philanthropist, Andre Patrice Carter, who runs a charity Foundation in Kenya reached out to the families.
Carter who is based in Wisconsin State said she opted to celebrate with widows in Kenya.

“Thanksgiving Day is a day we give food donations to the poor here in USA,” she told this reporter via WhatsApp. Carter said the day is dedicated to organize a get together party where people eat and give thanks to God.

“We give donations to the poor here in USA, but I felt that I have other families back in Kenya, the widows, we must also celebrate with them,” she added. She said the art of giving is entrenched in her and whatever little God gives her, she shares out with the less fortunate.

Her Foundation gave food stuff to widows in Awasi in Kisumu County, Kolondo in Homa Bay County  and Karungu in Migori County. It was the first time, the widows were learning about Thanksgiving Day in USA and they were excited to be part of it.

“We are very happy, that someone who is blessed thought of us and made us to be part of the celebration,” said Magaret Odemo, the chairlady of Kolondo widows group.

Margaret said the gesture from Carter over a period of several months is amazing and refreshing to the widows. “What these widows are now longing for is meeting this wonderful woman of God, she has shown us love, unity and peace,” she added.

“My heart is filled with joy. This is unheard of in our area, I have lived to see miracles happen,” said Margaret.
Joseph Ngome, who has been in the forefront to help widows and less fortunate in their home town of Sori, was too not left behind in giving appreciation to the Foundation.

“We served close to over 150 widows. We gave them beef, maize, rice and kales to take home and celebrate with their families,” he said.
Over years, Ngome has been assisting a number of widows in the society with small donations.

“Some widows are sick with nobody to help them. Sometimes they prefer money to buy medicine instead of food. That’s how serious it is,” he said.
Ngome noted that hunger is on the rise in the area and any food donation to the widows goes a long way in cushioning them from hunger pangs,” Ngome added.

The legend of the American Thanksgiving holiday is said to have been based on a feast of thanksgiving in the early days of the American colonies almost 400 years ago. 

In Nairobi, the American Embassy held a small celebration where turkey was served to invited guest.
Over years, the Thanksgiving Day in America has passed without being noticed but this year’s celebration has been marked with pomp and colour in the villages in Kenya where Carter Foundation has roots.

By LTN Reporter