Kisumu contractors mull going to court over pending bills

PHOTO:LOLWE TV/Kisumu Contractors Chairman Maurice Aloo addressing the press in Kisumu.

Kisumu County contractors have issued a 14 days’ notice to the county government to offset the pending bills or face court action.

The contractors converged at the county offices accusing the county of failing to adhere to the directive issued by Cabinet Secretary Finance Ukur Yatani that pending bills be given first priority.

The contractors chairman Maurice Aloo says the county government has gone against the contractual laws exposing the contractors to miseries.

Aloo says they have explored all the avenues to have the approved pending bills amounting to Sh. 1 billion paid to no avail and forced to seek legal redress.

Addressing the press in Kisumu, Aloo says Governor Anyang Nyong’o while Kisumu Senator was astonished why pending bills exist yet money is released to the county.

John Nyangweso a contractor says most contractors are waiting for money for the work which was done almost three years ago.

Nyangweso says contractors are unable to service their loans with some suffering from depression leading to suicide.

He asked Nyong’o why he failed to implement his pre campaign manifesto that contractors be paid within 100 days.

Another contractor Omeno Nyawina says the county government of Kisumu received over Sh. 1.1 billion from the treasury with a directive to have pending bills paid but was channeled to pay salaries.

Nyawina says the county cannot run without development and asked the county to prioritize paying pending bills.   

By LTN Reporter