Kisumu County Assembly approves formation of ward development fund.

Kisumu county MCAs set to manage Ward Development Fund after approving a report on the same.

Kisumu County Assembly has approved the formation of Ward Development Fund, a kin to Constituency Development Fund.

The report that was tabled in the Assembly by the committee vice chairman on ward development George Ogutu now will ensure development funds is equitably distributed among the 35 wards.

Speaking to the press at the Assembly precincts, Ogutu who represents West Nyakach ward says funds being channeled for ward development have been skewed.

Ogutu says once the report is put into operationalization, each ward will get equal share of the development cake as compared to what is being currently witnessed.

He says every elected MCA regardless of the sponsor party will be entitled to the ward fund.

Ogutu who was elected on an independent party ticket says currently, what each ward gets in terms of development fund varies since it is pegged on loyalty to the Governor and the sponsor party.

His Ombeyi ward counterpart Vitalis Otura says what devolution envisaged was taking development to the lowest level.

Otura says devolution will be complete if wards get the 10 percent share of the county budget.

He says fruits of devolution are yet to be enjoyed at the lowest level if funds meant for development are not channeled to the wards equitably.