Kisumu County denies claims it is polluting lake Victoria-By Joseph Ojwang


Kisumu County Government has come out strongly to fend off accusations of polluting Lake Victoria as depicted in a series of a local television channel.

In the report, much focus was on the inability of Kisumu Water and Sanitation Company (KIWASCO) to treat effluent before discharge into the lake.

The county executive committee member for environment Salmon Orimba termed the media report erroneous.

Orimba says that even though the Company has faced a number of challenges, no raw effluent has been directly emptied in the lake.

He says cases of broken pipes discharging raw sewer into the local rivers have been experienced but such cases have been dealt with promptly.

Orimba who spoke to the press in Kisumu after a tour of Kisat sewerage plant says the Company has the capacity to deal with the effluent at its disposal and before any discharge; tests must be conducted to conform to the regulations.

Orimba says the Company has a state of the art laboratory where tests are conducted and assured the public that what is discharged at the treatment plant conforms to the environmental agencies standards.

KIWASCO managing director Thomas Odongo says government agencies have in the recent past conducted independent tests on the effluent being discharged into the lake.

Odongo says at no point have the agencies raised concerns with them on what they are releasing into the lake.

However, he says as a company they will take any criticism positively to help them adjust further on the environmental regulations.