Kisumu County told to organise traders back to Kibuye market


Kisumu Senator Fred Outa is calling upon the county government of Kisumu to facilitate traders who are barred from operating at Kibuye market to resume duties.

Outa says Governor Anyang Nyong’o should now ensure that carpenters, tailors, shop owners, small hotels and those at the welding section in Kibuye are allowed back.

He gave the county government a one week ultimatum to ensure the traders resume their duties but must comply by the directives issued by the ministry of health to combat the spread of COVID-19 pandemic.

Outa says chasing away everybody from Kibuye is a mistake since many families erk a living from the market.

Speaking to the press in Nyando Sub County, Outa says it is unfortunate that the county government has not given any financial help to these traders to cushion them from the effects of Corona virus.

The Senator says the county government is preoccupied by beautification of town centre yet many families are going without food.

He says hotels should be supported to open after tourism cabinet secretary Najib Balala relaxed the rules on payments for testing of their staff.

Outa says the economy of Kisumu is on its knees since small scale traders have been pushed out of business without any incentive to pull them out of the quagmire.

He questioned why the county government is not empowering contractors equally instead of heaping many contracts to one contractor.