Kisumu Court orders Governor to include nephews, nieces in father’s wealth

Governor Anyang' Nyong'o

The Kisumu court has ordered Governor Anyang’ Nyong’o to include both his nephews and nieces as beneficiaries of his father’s  Sh200 million estate.

The court revoked the letters of administration and certificate of confirmation of the grant of the estate and instead appointed Kenneth Odhiambo Okuthe to be a co-administrator.

The governor’s father Hesbon Shimei died on November 10, 2006 without a will.

The governor’s two nephews, Okuthe and Geoffrey Omondi, sued him and his sister Risper Nyagoy for leaving out some relatives in the list of beneficiaries of the estate.

They said the governor and his sister were made the administrators of the estate after the local chief certified that the two and their mother and other siblings were the true beneficiaries.

They accused the two of neglecting the children of Margaret Awuor and Judith Nyong’o, who were daughters of Shimei.

The applicants accused Nyong’o and Nyagoy of concealing important information on confirmation of the grant and not accounting for the estate.

In her judgement Today, Justice Tripsisa Cherere said she was satisfied that the applicants were beneficiary and entitled to the estate of the deceased.

Justice Cherere noted that the children of Margaret Awuor and Judith Nyong’o were entitled to inherit their grandfather’s estate by virtue of the deceased being daughters of Shimei.

Whether the applicants made a case on the revocation of the certificate of grant, the judge said there was overwhelming evidence to revoke the certificate confirmation of the grant.

She noted that the grant was obtained by concealment of materials and non-disclosure of the applicant’s interest on basis of untrue allegations that there were the person beneficial as and entitled to the estate.

Justice Cherere added “I conclude that there is overwhelming evidence in support of the applicant’s case for the revocation of the certificate confirmation of grant issued in 2014 to children of Shimei.”

The appointed co-administrators have been directed to proceed to apply for confirmation of the grants within 60 days.

Following the court’s order that the governor and his sister file a response earlier after the petitioners complained, the duo dismissed the case as incompetent and intended to paint the family in bad light.