Kisumu gubernatorial seat unity


Four contenders for the Kisumu County Gubernatorial seat in the August general elections have vowed to front one candidate to face the incumbent Prof. Anyang Nyong’o.

Former Governor Jack Ranguma, Kisumu Senator Fred Outa, former Kisumu Assembly Speaker Onyango Oloo and Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) for East Africa Community (EAC) Ken Obura have resolved to name one candidate in a fortnight.

Emerging from a meeting at a Kisumu hotel on Monday, the quadruple say they have agreed on a candidate amongst themselves.

Oloo who read the statement says there unity will deliver a Governor who has ears for the people while accusing Nyong’o for running the county without any consultations with the people.

The team dismissed assertations that Nyong’o is the preferred candidate for ODM in the nominations.

Oloo says the belief is causing voter registration apathy in the last enhanced voter registration by IEBC.

Governor Nyong’o is serving his first term after defeating Ranguma in the 2017 general elections. He is going to defend his seat in the ODM party.

Oloo says the main agenda at the moment is to mobilize the populace who have turned 18 years and are ripe for Identity Cards to register and in turn get voters cards.

Senator Outa reiterated that the unity amongst them is tight and unbreakable.

Outa says they have many options should they be shortchanged in the ODM nominations noting that the ultimate goal is to dislodge Nyong’o from the seat through the ballot.

Former Governor Ranguma on his side says it is not a must that he becomes the Governor again but is working closely with the team for a better Kisumu.

While Obura gave hope to traders and residents of Kisumu of an open door policy for the county government.

Obura says demolitions were done without giving any alternative to the affected traders.

He says most tenants were thrown out from Ondiek and Makasembo estates and their houses demolished for low cost houses, yet one year down the line no construction.

Obura further noted that Governor Nyong’o would be comfortable working with Raila in Nairobi should the latter be elected as the 5th President.