Kisumu Muslim Community receives food donation from Kuwait Government.


Kisumu Muslim Community has benefited from food donations from the government of Kuwait.
Chairman Kisumu Muslim Association Sheikh Musa Ishma says the donations have been given to 100 vulnerable persons.
Musa says in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic, many families are struggling to make ends meet.
He says they are getting more support from other organizations.
He says the second phase of donations will target 700 persons and will be delivered door to door.
Musa says they’re also waiting for other support from Saudi Arabia.
He says the Muslim community in Kisumu will continue to comply with the directives issued by the national government through the ministry of health.
He appealed to the Muslim faithful to ensure they comply with the directives for their health.
The excersise was conducted under the watch of a government official to ensure social distancing is adhered to.
The donations include, cooking oil, rice, sugar, maize flour amongst other products.