Kisumu Public Service Board put con men on notice

PHOTO LOLWE TV/Con men targeting job candidates in Kisumu put on notice.
Kisumu County Public Service Board has put on notice con men who are swindling prospective job recruits in the county.

The Board Chairman Mwalimu Babu Karan says several residents who have applied for various job opportunities are possible targets of the scheme.

Karan told residents of Kisumu to be wary of such people who are soliciting for money from candidates seeking for job opportunities.

“Reports indicate that the said individuals have been asking candidates for amounts between Sh. 10,000-Sh. 50,000 and even invoke the names of some Board members,” he said.

He says three people who have perfected the art of coning residents’ while using the names of Board members to entice their victims are being tracked.

He told the public that the Board is above aboard in all its under dealings and nobody is employed through back door.

“The Board warns the public against any form of fraud that is aimed at compromising the integrity of the Board’s county workers recruitment process,” he said.

Speaking to the press in Kisumu in the company of the Board chief executive officer Hesbon Hongo alongside other Board members, Karan says already they have reported the matter to the police for investigations and subsequent arrest.

“The Board has lodged an official compliant with the police and the matter is under investigation,” he told reporters during the Friday press briefing.

He also appealed to the candidates to report any suspicious characters that are out to con them in the disguise of working for them ways at the Board.

Karan further put on notice the Board’s staff should it happen that they are the ones colluding with con men to stop such acts forthwith.

He says they will cast their net wider up to Prosperity House to nab anybody who is leaking information to the culprits.

In the past, candidates seeking for job opportunities have been called once they are shortlisted to part with some money for consideration.

“The Board does not operate through any other agent and is committed to integrity in its recruitment process,” said Karan.