Members of the Kuria community have vowed to throw their weight behind the deputy president in denuded for critical changes in the constitution.

While addressing the media At Kegonga in Kuria East , the kuria community registered their dissatisfaction with the BBI content with some saying they have not had a glimpse of the document.

They said they believe that the sentiments and concerns raised by the deputy president were genuine and they will support whichever decision he shall make regarding constitutional amendments.

The kuria community claim that they are marginalized and if the said constitutional changes will not include giving them a county then they shall not walk with the majority.

On issues regarding their retrogressive cultural practices like FGM and woman to woman marriage that has regressed education of the girl child in the region, they appealed to the government to acknowledge such as part and parcel of their traditions saying they don’t need guns to stop.

By Basil Okoth