Lake Victoria back flow causing mayhem


Residents of Sango Rota, West Nyakach ward are still appealing for help from the county and national governments due to backflow of water from Lake Victoria.

A resident, Benter Atieno says the situation on the ground is working day by day further compounded by heavy rains up stream.

“We are always flooded by this year it is extreme,” she said.

Atieno says services to the residents of Sango Rota who are now cut off from the mainland are grounded.

She says health, water, roads, and other amenities are all affected by the water surge.

“The government must come to our aid, we have no food, our animals have been swept by water, roads are impassable, we need urgent help,” she said.

Atieno who spoke to the press says there is urgent need to fix all the broken roads in the area to allow residents to have access to the markets and hospitals.

The area MCA George Ogutu appealed to Governor Anyang Nyong’o to ensure funds are allocated for the completion of a local dispensary.

“We have one dispensary in Sango Rota, its construction is still far away and I appealed to the Governor to allocate resources for its speedy completion,” he said.

Ogutu says Nyadimo dispensary was abandoned and there is need to complete its construction urgently to assist the locals.

He further decried poor state of the roads in the area which need improvement to open up the area.