Legio Maria church seeks justice for victims killed in chaos as sombre mood engulfed Mass at Got Kwer


Legio Maria Church at God Kwero Calvary headquarters in Suna West Sub County has appealed the government to provide justice for the four families that had their kins reportedly killed following the clashes that erupted mid last month. 

According to them, police opened fire and killed four Legio Maria faithful’s others maimed at God Kwero church headquarters. Led by Pope Lawrence Ochieng Kalul faction the members said Legio Maria Church respects the national law but pleaded with the government to speed up investigations over the killings. 

The members were speaking at God Kwer Calvary during a joined requiem mass for the four victims died during the clash in one of the most disturbing incidences in the history of their church. 

The bereaved families also tasked the government to carry thorough investigation and justice served their fallen members. 

The church has been submerged in leadership wrangles for several years, resulting in a splinter group, each with a pope.

 The rival popes Raphael Adika and Lawrence Ochieng Kalul has each been pulling ends, with efforts to reconcile their followers hitting a snag twice.

 Mid-last month, the chaos erupted when Adika flanked by armed security officers forced his way to the shrines, which encloses the tomb bearing the remains of Melkio Ondeto. 

Upon facing resistance, they reportedly opened fire on the opponents resulting in a retaliatory attack which led to the the killing of four followers. 

By Basil Okoth