Legio Maria Pope Romanus Ongombe is dead.
The church has confirmed but failed to mention the course of his death which occurred by 9pm last evening.
Pope Romanus died after ten years of service as the church leader having taken the responsibilities from Pope Titus Otieno in 2010.
During his ten years tenure as a Pope, he encountered several challenges one of which almost split the church over the position he was holding before meeting his key rival Pope Rafael Adika for handshake in 2019.
Pope Adika had declared himself as the church Pope claiming he was the one tasked with responsibilities.
Information about his burial however remains confidential as government directives that deceased be buried within twenty four hours is still under implementation.
The Legio Maria church was founded in 1961 in Kenya by Lodvikus Melkio Ondetto.
In 1966, the church was legally registered to operate in Kenya.
Founding father, Melkio Ondeto, the church has since expanded to other African countries including Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Congo, Zaire and South Sudan.
It has over 450 churches with sixty dioceses in the Kenya.
The church is run by 500 priests, 120 bishops, 17 cardinals and one Pope with a following of upto 4 million believers.