Legio Maria war


Four confirmed dead as scores injured as chaos rocked Legio Maria pilgrim at God kweru in Migori county. 

The pilgrims who had congregated for the annual commemoration of the church’s founder Melkio Ondeto were forced to flee when a rival group stormed the church’s headquarters with crude weapons. 

The church has been submerged in leadership wrangles dating back to 1991, resulting into splinter groups, each with a pope. 

The rival popes Raphael Adika and Lawrence Ochieng Kalul has each been pulling ends, with efforts to reconcile their followers hitting a snag twice.

 The chaos erupted Adika flanked by armed security officers forced his way to the shrines , which encloses the tomb bearing the remains of Melkio Ondetto. 

Upon facing resistance, they opened fire on the opponents resulting into a retaliatory attack which led to destruction of property.

 A contingent of police officers who were deployed to the area were however over powered by the church’s faithful’s forcing them to retreat. 

By Basil Okoth