Locals in Nyabondo protest over poor health services.

PHOTO:LTN/Locals at Nyabondo protests over poor health services

Locals in Nyakach, Kisumu County, have staged a demonstration over poor health services at Nyabondo Mission Hospital.

Carrying placards and twigs, the locals stormed the mission hospital alleging that the management had run down the medical facility.

Levy Hawi, a local, says the management of the hospital has deteriorated over time and it is time to fix the mess.

He says some officers have been looting the hospital without any shame at the expense of the sufferings of patients.

Hawi says patients are going without proper food despite being billed and the conditions of the wards are wanting.

Speaking after failing to get an audience with the management at Nyabondo, Hawi says staff at the hospital are ready to work but the management is not ready to avail the required tools.

He noted that most of the medical facilities are being bought from outside the hospital at the cost of the patients.

Hawi says more often patients have failed to get treated due to lack of essential medical facilities.

The locals are calling for an overhaul of the management and a proper vetting of new management with capabilities to run the facility.

None of the management team was at the hospital when the locals stormed in to register their displeasure.

Nyabondo Medical Training College Principal Juma who was also mentioned as those behind the failing of health standards in the facility dismissed the allegations.

Juma says clan politics is at play and they will continue to discharge their duties as required despite the noise.  

By LTN Reporter.