Residents of Muhuru Bay in Nyatike want the Government to provide all the necessary requirements in combating dreaded Corona Virus Disease at the border town.They said Muhuru Bay hospital that is on the border of Kenya and Tanzania is not well prepared to deal with Corona Virus infections.Residents said the government should adequately prepare for any worse case scenario of Covid-19 due to its fishing business that involves all East African countries nationals.Some patients at Muhuru hospital who had come to seek treatment for cold and flu said they needed all tests including Corona Virus.One of the patients Edwine Odhiambo who had flu and cold said he would be glad to have flu related ailments are treated well at the hospital.He said that he came to the hospital and could not even get the sanitizers, soap and even enough water to wash his hands.He fears that should any person get infected by the coronavirus in the area, the whole population will be in a big problem and at risk of getting easily infected.Odhiambo revealed that the hospital serves the fishing population of about 5000.Muhuru Bay member of the County Assembly Hevrone Maira urged the national and the County leadership to provide the kits on time before the population is affected.He said that the population interacts with the neighbours in Tanzania nearly on a daily basis and chances of them getting infected is very high.Maira added that many patients and even visitors getting in to seek health services and even make any enquiries are never screened at the gate as is now the situation in many hospitals something he termed as so risky to the local residents.