Maximize the presence of Kit Mikayi, locals told

Photo://LolweTv:Dr Richard Ayah, a parliamentary aspirant in Seme

Residents of Seme Sub County have been urged to maximize the presence of Kit Mikayi amidst them for financial gain.

Dr Richard Ayah, a parliamentary aspirant in Seme in the coming August polls says the presence of the giant stone has immense benefits which have not been utilized.

Ayah says the community around must organize themselves and see how they can tap economic benefits from tourists visiting the rock.

He says it is high time locals venture into income generating activities like weaving, artistic work, and molding amongst others.

Speaking during an event at the foot of the rock on the need to utilize the presence of the site, Ayah says both local and international tourists will be able to buy artwork from the area.

He says as an aspirant, he has a vision that will help the community earn money from their work.

Ayah says the rock is a magnet with several tourists visiting the site on a daily basis, noting that when they visit, they should purchase the local art work.

He promised to assist the old people who know the history of the rock and have the message contained in a booklet which can be sold worldwide.

By Joseph Ojwang