MCA for Imara Daima calls upon church to push for constitution Change.

Imara Daima MCA speaking to the press in Kisumu.

Religious leaders in the country have been told to be in the forefront to ensure the looming referendum to change the Constitution succeeds.

Nairobi City County Assembly MCA for Imara Daima ward Hon Kennedy Obuya says the church has a test in leading the flock to pass the Constitution amendment.

Obuya says the 2010 Constitution was passed with some little faults which must now be rectified through a referendum.
“It is in the public domain that we passed the 2010 Constitution with some faults which were stated will be rectified mid way,” he said.

He says the church had opposed the Constitution back then since around 20 percent of the document was bad.
Speaking to the press in Kisumu on Tuesday, Obuya who hails from Karachuonyo Constituency says the church had sided with the now Deputy President William Ruto to oppose the document.

“We have seen statements issued by a section of religious leaders’ and they lean towards DP Ruto,” he said.
He noted that following the handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga, the country is now geared towards a Constitutional change.
Obuya says the church is at it again, siding with DP Ruto to defeat the pending amendments in the law.
He is now wondering why the church is planning to oppose something they had longed for.

“It is wrong for the church to give Kenyans mixed signals, they had fronted for the patching up of the 20 percent and the time is now, why the change of tune,” he asked.

He appealed to the religious leaders in the Luo nation not to be used by selfish politicians to defeat a document that will bring the desired change in the country.

Obuya has positioned himself to be the next MP for Karachuonyo Constituency in the 2022 general election.
The seat is currently held by MP Adipo Okuome.

By LTN Reporter