MCAs who traveled from Narobi under radar


Bunge La Wanainchi Kisumu chapter led by its team leader Salim Onyango have raised a red flag on a number of Kisumu MCAs who recently returned to the county from Nairobi.

Onyango says they have credible information that some MCAs had travelled back from Nairobi on the eve of lockdown in Nairobi.

He says the see the said MCAs mingling with the counterparts in the Assembly and member of the public.

He is questioning why the said MCAs failed to quarantine for 14 days since they came from a high risk county as far as COVID-19 is concerned.

Onyango who spoke to the press in Kisumu says government directives on Corona virus must be followed to the latter.

He further asked why the Assembly of Kisumu is in session when other Assemblies had suspended their sittings.

Kisumu County Assembly Speaker Elisha Oraro on Tuesday announced that the sittings will continue since the Assembly has a number of legislative work to dispense but with a limited number no exceeding 20.

However, Onyango says the world is now at stand still and there is no hurry for the Assembly of Kisumu to continue with their sittings in the wake of this global pandemic.