Mr.Oloo Janak

Migori Civil Local Affairs Network (Migori Clan) has expressed their disappointments on elected leaders charged to manage the Migori Devolved Unit. 

Led by their coordinator Mr. Oloo Janak, the activists said the leaders have gone on a looting spree and have undermined public trust in the promise of devolution including restricting space for effective public participation. 

He said Migori CLAN supports the ongoing investigations into the corruption allegations by various government agencies led by Okoth Obado and called for a deeper and wider probe including a lifestyle audit of the entire team of senior county government staff and their associates to give the real picture of the extent to which the current county government has pilfered public resources. 

Janak said Obado and his team must be made to account for their blatant betrayal of public trust. He also called on other Migori leaders, including the Senator, Members of Parliament and MCAs to take up their responsibilities seriously, demonstrate accountability and join citizens in raising issues of corruption and bad governance which have robbed the Migori citizens of the fruits of the constitution and devolution over the past 8 years. 

He questioned the availability Migori Deputy Governor Hon. Nelson Mahanga Mwita who has been missing in action for a period of time. The CLAN coordinator aledged that there has been bad blood between the two county leaders insisting that the two leaders must work together to bring the fundamental democratic changes offered by the constitution of Kenya. 

When receiving Covid-19 PPEs consignments by the Kenya Redcross worth Sh2.5M, the DG Mwita said he is warming up for any task ahead and has no any intention to unseat Obado. He said a lot has been exposed to the public but the received consignments are going to dilute the murmuring  intended to defame the county office. 

By Basil Okoth