A section of street families in Migori are worried lot following the spread of coronavirus in the country.
They say their hygiene is in limbo since they cannot afford neither clean water nor sanitizers.
Let by Samuel Ochieng, the street family said the little they get from selling plastics are meant for their food thus cannot afford any extra commodity to keep coronavirus away.
Samuel said they also face difficult moments especially during curfew since that’s the only time his team sells carriers in town.
Barrack Odongo said there’s no social distancing in their daily ensures.
They sleep as a family under tiny rooms and eat whatever comes their way.
Pascal Otieno they are at high risk because masks and gloves are out of their reach.
Consolata Omollo said she offered to host the team since they are always chased away from town during curfew and suffer the scorching heat in town.