Over 900 gold miners at Macalder old mines in Migori county have benefitted from donation to aid them amid slump of prices caused by effects of coronavirus on global economy.
The Copper Hill Sacco which manages the mines, pooled together help from stakeholders, business partners and officials to help distribute food to the miners and their families for four days.
The miners led by Samwel Otieno, Gerson Okal and Caleb Okuku said their lives are at risk since gold which is their main activity cannot fetch anything currently.
Felix Okwanyo, the Sacco chairman on Wednesday while distributing food said prices of gold per gram have dipped by over a half, from Sh4,000 per gram to Sh2,000 since the start of coronavirus pandemic.
Okwanyo said during a food donation drive that they have seen buyers shying away from mines because transportation and economy in gold market in Dubai and Europe has dipped completely.
He said because of several measures placed by government to try and control coronavirus like ending of mass gathering, social distance and curfew, mining had collapsed further.
Over 100 bags of maize, 100 bags of rice, soap, salt, sugar, face masks where distributed to the miner.
The Sacco’s vice chairman Sylvester Ageng’a said they have ensuring government directives are adhered to at the gold mines, and hoped the economy will bounce back.