Artisanal miners from Osiri Matanda Migori County have up scaled their surveillance along the porous borders with Tanzania. 

The miners through their leaders have blocked all the routes that were initially being used Tanzanians to evade police road blocks. 

According to Osiri Matanda Mining community secretary Samson Onyango, they have already taken 40 foreigners into quarantine for sneaking into the mining pits through illegal means . 

Onyango said they had earlier sent back Tanzanians and other non-locals following the outbreak of covid 19 with exception of those with gold processing machines and leaching pits . 

This he said, has greatly affected livelihoods of the locals who have majorly depended on the mining . He added that the few individuals who were left behind have been hit hard by hunger and starvation. 

The miners are now calling on the government to lift the ban on small scale mining saying it will be only way to save them from the jaws of starvation.