Environmental consultant and Migori businessman Dr Phillip Mwabe
A section of education stakeholders have called on the government to reconsider it’s position on the prolonged closure of Schools terming it an infringement of the students right to basic education.

The government closed schools until 2021 owing to the hike in the number of positive cases of corona virus.

Environmental consultant and Migori businessman Dr Phillip Mwabe expressed displeasure in the government’s hard lining position on reopening of schools that has witnessed an insurgence of juvenile delinquency and teenage pregnancy.

Dr Mwabe noted that the recent decline of covid 19 cases in the country should propel the phased reopening of learning institutions just like churches and funerals.

According to Dr Mwabe, the government’s decision to close the schools was a miscalculated move as the government acted in a rush when Covid-19 infections were few only to consider reviewing the situation when the country had witnessed more infections.

Elsewhere, Kenya Union of post primary education officials led by Mombasa branch secretary general Mrs Lynnette Kamadi expressed concerns on the safety of the teachers who often commute to schools using public transport

She said they are not opposed to students going to school but they must ensure their safety as well as the safety of their teachers who rely on public transport to commute to various work stations
Kamadi urged the government to review the infrastructural situation in schools before ordering learners back to school.

By Basil Okoth