Monitor hospital operations, county told

Residents of Manywanda in Seme following keenly score card report on health.

The county government of Kisumu has been told to always monitor operations at the hospitals in the villages for effective service delivery.

David Oloo, a resident of Manywanda in Seme Sub County says locals are undergoing a lot of difficulties accessing healthcare services.

Oloo says the county must ensure it prioritizes health services to the people.

“It is our appeal to the county government, more so Governor Anyang Nyong’o, to put in mechanisms to ensure people in the villages get proper medication.

He says over a long period of time, locals have endured a lot at Manywanda health centre where lack of enough health personnel and medicine is the order of the day.

Oloo says the county must ensure there are enough health personnel to attend to patients.

“We pay taxes and we demand for better services at our local hospitals. What we have is not adequate and calls for attention,” he said.

Speaking during the launch of a scorecard report that was initiated by a non-state actor, Transform Empowerment for Action Initiative (TEAM), Oloo says he is wondering why they must always be told to get medicine from outside the hospital.

“It is sad and sickening that you go to our hospital here and can’t be issued with medicines after visiting the doctor, that one must just buy medicine from a counter outside,” he said.

Another resident Triza Anyango says pregnant women have borne the brunt of poor health services at the hospital.

Anyango says many times, pregnant women in labour have been turned away that their due date is not yet but end up giving birth by the gate.

“Just the other day here, we lost a mother by the gate, having bled to death while giving birth; we are yet to bury her. These are some of the happenings that worry us,” she said.

She however thanked the hospital for championing family planning measures in the society.

TEAM program officer Cliff Ochieng says the views of the locals cut across many parts of the county where they have decried poor services.

“We had visited Nyakach and the concerns are more or less the same, the accountability train will not stop,” he said.

Ochieng says what emerged among the locals in Manywanda is lack of proper representation at the hospital’s Board.

He says the county must ensure they constitute a board which is people driven.

“The Board is in acting capacity and it is the wish of the locals to have full representation from the youth to persons living with disability in the board,” he said.

By LTN Reporter