More freebies from Ken Obura Foundation


Residents of East Kano/Wawidhi ward in Nyando Sub County are the latest to benefit from freebies advanced by Ken Obura Foundation to flood victims.

The locals told reporters that they are living in abject poverty following heavy rains compounded by flash floods that has washed away their food crops.

Monica Akeyo says houses were submerged in water and many are living in the cold as a result of fallen houses.

Akeyo says the county government has turned a blind eye to their sufferings during rainy seasons.

“We are homeless, yet we have young children, the county government should not wait for Obura to come yet they are offering nothing,” she said.

She says most families are going without food since the start of the calamity that has left them with water borne disease.

Speaking when she received the donation at Ayweyo, Akeyo says the donation from the Foundation is the only hope they have.

Daudi Wambasa, a local elder from Wawidhi says the gesture from Obura, a former MP for Kisumu Central and the current CAS in the ministry of East Africa Community is commendable.

Wambasa says they normally wake up very early in every election cycle to cast their vote to help them but nothing is forth being written home.

“When we vote we hoped for better services but we are being marooned by floods and nobody cares,” he said.

He hailed Obura for the bold step he took to come to the rescue of the locals who are hopeless after they were abandoned by the county government.

Another resident Odhiambo Lido says they should not be used only during political seasons.

Lido says roads are impassable and nobody cares about mobility of the locals.

“No leader is coming forth to help us, only Obura through his Foundation has helped us,” he said.

The locals got free face masks, food items and blankets.