Motorists in Kisumu hike Fare-By Joseph Ojwang


Motorists in Kisumu have hiked fares as they implement government directive on the number of passengers on board.
Caleb Ouma, a motorist plying Migori route says they have no option but to increase bus fare.
Ouma says the government issued the directive without giving any incentive.
He says there was need to drop tax on fuel and lower further the cost of fuel.
The number of passengers, he says, has also reduced drastically due to Corona virus fears.
Majority of motorists have suspended the operations to wait for the situation to normalize.
James Atemi, a tout says     several public service vehicles are parked in the filling stations.
Passengers travelling to Migori are paying Sh. 800 down from the recommended rate of Sh. 500.
The most affected are passengers heading to near destinations.