Muslim community in Migori County .

The Muslim community in Migori County today filed a petition to Migori county commissioner officer decrying discrimination during the issuance of national identification card.

The Muslim community claimed led by Mr. Abdi Fatah claimed that many of their children have been denied national identification card and now they demand action from the government.

Mr. Fatah said their children who are born in Migori and have been living in the county have been denied national identification without a proper reason.

His remark was echoed by Mrs.Faridah Osen who said that she has tried to get IDs for her children who have hit 18 years unfortunately the responsible persons have been taking her round.

Mrs. Osen claims that the Muslim community is being discriminated during the issuance of the vital document yet they are all born and brought up in Migori County.Speaking on phone, Migori county commissioner Mr.Boaz Cherotich said the Muslim community have registered their concern with him and the matter is being investigated.

Mr. Cherotich said all those from the Muslim community who qualify for the issuance of the national ID will be issued with the document adding a vetting committee will from next week begin vetting people in need of IDs. 

Suna East MP Junet Mohammed said he will follow up the matter from the head office so that the community is served appropriately.

By Basil Okoth