NRG Radio launches in Eldoret and Mombasa

NRG Radio studio.
NRG Radio has embarked on its expansion plan launching two frequencies in two key cities in the country, Eldoret 98.4FM and Mombasa 96.3FM, as it seeks to reach a greater audience.
The Eldoret official launch is to take place on the 16th of June at Club Timba where a host of NRG DJ’s and Radio Presenters will host a party with fans from across the county to celebrate its entry to the county.
Since its launch in March, the Radio Station has grown its operations with the inclusion of new shows and the absorption of #NRGetic MVP’s in the radio routine, giving fresh talent an opportunity in the media realm.
The radio station that is keen on youth culture, has adopted the social audio-visual trend that seeks to capitalize by tapping into the internet penetration’s steady increase.
It’s model and flexibility allows it to be a launch pad for up and coming local artists as well hence the intention to reach a wider audience in other counties in addition it has a vision and a desire to make a difference while delivering a great music experience.
NRG Radio brings to Eldoret ad Mombasa a fused radio, digital and visual experience that fuels #NRG for real music lovers.
Catch NRG Radio on 91.3FM-NAIROBI, 98.4FM-Eldoret and 96.3 FM-Mombasa