Nyalenda residents receive free sanitizers


Nyalenda slum dwellers in Kisumu got a reprieve when they got sanitizer donations to help them keep Corona virus at bay.

The residents, courtesy of James Were Foundation, got plenty of sanitizers which have been proved by health experts as an ingredient to combat the spread of the virus.

Each household has gotten the liquid with residents hailing the initiative by James Were who was once an MCA of Nyalenda B ward.

None of the Kisumu residents have been given sanitizers by the county or national governments.

The residents say they had been left to look for themselves the sanitizers whose ct has shoot the roof due to demand.

The national government announced early this week that plans are being made to ensure free sanitizers are distributed to the locals.

Nyalenda locals say the sanitizers will help them at family level to ensure their hands are clean at all the times.

James Were who spoke to the press emphasized on the need for the citizens to obey ministry of health directives aimed at stopping the spread of the disease.

He says he will continue distributing the sanitizers even though some people were turning it into politics.

Corona virus has claimed four lives in the country with over 100 positive cases.