Nyong’o’s nominee for roads hailed as a performer


Dr Joyce Osogo, nominee for the Kisumu County Executive Committee Member (CECM) for roads and public works has been hailed as a no nonsense lady ready to perform.

Railways ward MCA Pastor David Arao says the nominee is a workolic and will serve the people of Kisumu diligently if the Assembly approves her nomination.

Governor Anyang Nyong’o recently nominated Dr Osogo to take up the post that has been vacant since the sacking of Thomas Ondijo who holds the position.

Arao testified that Dr Osogo was his lecturer when he undertook a degree course at the University of Nairobi.

“I can tell you that Dr Osogo is thorough in her work, she taught me and I know her capability,” he said.

Arao said one incident that caught his eyes is when they were sitting examinations and Dr Osogo was supervising when she noticed one of the students cheating.

“She took the cheating paper from the student and sent him out of the examination room, she did not compromise,” he said.

Arao said such qualities are rare in people noting that Dr Osogo exhibited personalities that will make her to perform to her level best.

He is optimistic that once the report by the appointment committee is table before the House, MCAs will debate soberly and pass her nomination.

Arao said Kisumu people will benefit immensely from the leadership of Dr Osogo.

He appealed to Dr Osogo incase her nomination will go through to ensure she fights corruption at the roads docket.

“It is sad that one kilometer road and two kilometers road gets a similar fund, that is corruption that must be addressed,” he said.

Arao said some contractors were awarded contract but have failed to report to site because they lack skills.

“I am appealing further to Dr Osogo to ensure that contracts are only awarded to people will experience so that the people of Kisumu can get value for their money,” he said.