Open graves.


Apart from being scared by howling hyenas scavenging on poorly disposed bodies at Lichota cemetery, Ragana residents have been forced live with the stench.

At night and each time the night falls in the village, seven kilometers from Migori town the sound of howling hyenas fighting over dead bodies have left them scared from leaving their homes.

 Emma Ombura, Kiterere village elder said remains of bodies pulled from shallow graves strewning all across the graveyard.When press visited the cemetery a white human shoulder bone strewn clean of flesh met the team. Nearby a leg bone crashed also nearby.

A total of about ten fresh grave had a process of either being completely unearthed scavengers with bones, flesh, blankets and body bags for burial strewn across the site.

She said it is scary as the hyenas howling at night fighting over bodies is very disturbing adding that villagers who venture into the site to grave or playing kids have horror stories to tell. 

Pastor Reuben Choga, a villager said the hyenas only started terrorizing them weeks ago after they started losing sheep and their children started having weird games when playing which revolved around dead bodies in graves.

Hudson Saisi, a villager said they are afraid the hyenas will turn into attacking them when the bodies run out.In October 2017 residents also complained of trauma and risk of contracting diseases as dogs exhume bodies from poor maintained in the same public cemetery which was covered.

The cemetery has been neglected without maintenance or any proper development on how to dispose off bodies and even how to get burial permits, despite calls to rectify the claims.

When contacted for comment, Environment Executive Rebbeca Maroa said because of Covid-19 restrictions she was working from home and the issue was not in her comment and directed it to be handled by her health counterpart Kephas Nyamita.

Nyamita said the county does not recognise the site which was inherited from council and they have never buried a body there.

But the site is only separated by a fence from where county government has launched a multi-million headquarters project.

By LTN Reporter