Parents protesting

Learning at Nyandago Mixed secondary school in Nyatike Sub-County Migori was paralyzed as parents protested over the school’s poor performance in KCSE exams for the past 2 years putting form ones admission to a halt as the new learners are set to join schools from this week.

On Thursday morning parents and the local community of Nyandago mixed secondary school protested over the poor performance and high-handedness of the school principal.

The parents led by Odhiambo Ojuki said that the school has in the last two years performed miserably while accusing the school principal Mr. James Langi of being responsible for the mess in performance and discipline of the school.
Ojuki said that the best candidates for the last two years had C- while just a few had D’s and over 20 students recorded E’s, while their efforts to address poor performance have not borne any fruit.

Alice Atieno a parent at the same time said that the school principal has been indisciplined and abusive and does not respect both parents and teachers at the school.

The parents vowed to stay put with the protests to make sure that the principal is transferred to another school to pave way for a better principal who will uplift academic performance in the school.

The local administrator Winny Malemba the area chief of Nyandago central location requested the parent and the community at large to calm down and maintain peace.

She however urges parents to talk to their children for better prominence at the same time urges teachers to make sure that they are teaching.

When the press reached Migori County Education director Mr. Jacob Onyiego for the comment, he admitted that Nyandago has been performing poorly and they were holding a meeting at Makalder to address the situation.

According to the school record shown by the media indicates that in the year 2019 the school had a mean score of 4.3, in 2020 it had a mean score of 3.49, and in the last exams of 2021 which result was released this year the school obtained a mean score of 2.66.The parents however vowed to stay put until the issues being raised are addressed amicably.