Peche Foods, gives cold facilities for fresh produce in Kisumu.

Photo:LolweTV//Mayfair Holdings Limited, General Manager, Mr Pals Wagenaar Attachments area
Mayfair Holdings in Kisumu through its subsidiary, Peche Foods is offering cold storage facilities to accommodate direct exports of fresh produce from Kisumu International Airport.

The Holdings General Manager Pals Wagenaar says they are in partnership with a number of players to ensure the exports kicks off smoothly on Saturday.

Wagenaar says the cold facilities can handle 120, tonnes of products and meets all the international standards.
Mayfair Holdings Limited was established by the late business mogul Mr Gilani in 1967 for economic development in the region.

Wagenaar says Kisumu has developed over the years as an economic hub.

“Stakeholders have comeĀ  together and we have reached a great milestone whereby cargo will be airlifted from the airport here in Kisumu to the international destinations this Saturday,” he said.
He spoke on Friday at Imperial Hotel during a breakfast meeting with the media a head of the launch of the cargo flights.

Munira Gilani, the Holdings Director says Peche Foods was an establishment to advance the economic development of the Lake Region and provide jobs to many young people in the region.

“Our main target was from the fishermen and women, delivery people and factory personnel,” said Munir.
She says the collaboration is a milestone and they are happy to be part of the inaugural flight for the export this weekend.

She is optimistic that the export project will broaden the region’s horizons further in both human and capital terms and achieve greater status and economic development for the region and the nation at large.
“Such partnership are essential to the success of our economic development activities,” she added.

Kenya Airways is set to lift 1.8 tonnes of dress green chili on Saturday evening to the outside world.
A farmer Balminder Sokhi, who is running a 4 hectares of land under chili in Siaya County will be harvesting his chili today, Friday, for onward placement at the Peche Foods cold rooms, which is located in close proximity of Kisumu International Airport.

By Joseph Ojwang