Police dispatch vehicles to evacuate Ahero residents


Nyanza regional police Commander Vincent Makhoha has dispatched police vehicles to Ahero to help in evacuation of people displaced and stranded due to massive flooding caused after River Nyando burst its banks.

Makhoha says several families are stranded after their houses were submerged into water.

He says the vehicles will help such families to have them removed from their homes to higher grounds.

He says they have limited resource and called upon the county government to come to the aid of its people.

Speaking to the press in Kisumu, Makhoha appealed to the people to move to higher grounds to avert loss of lives

Kisumu Senator Fred Outa weighed in on the matter, asking the County authorities to move fast to help the people.

He said Kisumu has Sh200 million set aside by the County authorities to assist the vulnerable communities.

Outa wondered what governor Anyang Nyong’o’s team was doing to forestall the humanitarian crisis.

The senator claimed his phone was inundated by calls from those affected but his hands were tied given that they allocate money in senate for the governor to spend.

Outa told the government to use the Sh200 million emergency funds to manage such disasters. He spoke as Special Programmes Director Ruth Odinga also decried limited funds. Outa said the money could end up in some peoples pocket if they don’t track usage.