Prepare for another political betrayal, Kuria West Mp Robi

PHOTO:LTN/ Kuria West Mp Mathias Robi

As the window for political realignments narrows ahead of the 2022 general elections, bigger political parties are positioning themselves for the big seat, yet to be declared vacant after president Uhuru Kenyatta retires from politics.

The Jubilee Alliance affiliate party United Democratic Alliance (UDA) staunch supporters are however at cross roads, not knowing which side to throw their wait after their exit from the umbrella party.

UDA’s Mathias Robby of Kuria West has however cautioned ODM party of a looming political betrayal, which he claimed is in the offing.

Mathias said the opposition chief Raila Odinga should stay woke following his previous experience and make valid choices if he expects to win the presidential seat.

The legislator while speaking at a burial within his constituency said the recent court ruling that declared the Constitution Amendment Bill (2020) null and void should be awake up call to Raila.

As Minority groups, he added, their interests were not captured in the document despite Uhuru and Raila vouching for it.

Mathias added that Raila should forget about any political endorsement or support from Mount Kenya region but should instead work towards gaining support from minority communities.

Migori senator ,Ochilo Ayako while speaking at the same function, said that of importance to electorates at the moment is service delivery.

Ayacko took issue with the I’ll fated Migori Governor Okoth Obado , whom he accused of advancing his political agenda and abdicating his other responsibilities.

By LTN Reporter