Promote tailors to produce masks, government told


The government has been challenged to offer incentives to tailors in slum areas to be able to produce face masks.

Grassroots Trust Director Lawrence Apiyo says the government must avail funds to groups and associations in the slum areas in Kisumu to give them capacity to produce.

Apiyo says there are structures in the estates where the government can channel funds to be able to produce enough masks for the people.

He spoke after Grassroots Trust employees took a pay cut to be able to fund association groups in Obunga slums to produce masks.

They identified five tailors in the estate who were given funds to purchase materials which were used to produce the masks.

He says the masks are then sold at an affordable rate to enable the tailors to sustain the production and erk a living out of the venture.

Apiyo says the government recently gave out funds through the National Government Affirmative Action Fund (NGAAF) to cushion locals from the effects of the pandemic.

He says Woman Rep for Kisumu ought to have used groups in the slums areas to contract them to produce masks and soap.

A resident of Obunga, Beatrice Ilah called upon the police to sop harassment meted on the people.

Ilah says people are poor in the slums and it should be a upon the county government to offer them with free masks.

She says that county government of Kisumu should take cue from Mombasa County where Governor Hassan Joho has give police officers masks which they give out to those without instead of arresting them.

By Joseph Ojwang’