Raila dares Ruto to say no to referendum


ODM party leader Raila Odinga has dismissed proposals to have the referendum conducted alongside the 2022 general election while telling Deputy President William Ruto to be bold enough and oppose the Bill.

Raila says electorates will be overburdened if the Constitution amendment is part of the general election.

He says those who cannot read or write will face challenges if a referendum is pushed to the next general election.

In a press conference in Kisumu, Raila says Ruto must be considerate to the illiterate people in the country and allow referendums to be done separate from the general elections.

He says the Deputy President should take a No stand instead of going round on when the referendum should be conducted in the country.

Raila says what Ruto is lacking is the courage to face Kenyans that he is opposing Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) and instead pushing for unthinkable to happen.

He says the DP should not hide behind Kenyans to push for a later referendum.

The former Prime Minister says BBI has in store goodies for women whom those opposing the Bill have been using to discredit the document.

He further warned some organizations whom he accused of poisoning the minds of MCAs to be able to shoot down the Bill at the Assemblies.

Raila says that is futile since the MCAs have agreed to pass the document when presented before the Assemblies since it is addressing some of the challenges they are facing while working for the people.

By LTN Reporter