Rarieda sub county residents endorse Ksh 300M water project by Siaya County Government

The County Government of Siaya in partnership with Dorcas Aid International, Maji Milele and North Gem Community Development Programme a held Public Participation Forum at Madiany to sensitize the Uyoma Opinion Leaders on the public Private Partnership pilot scheme on rehabilitation and augmentation of East Uyoma Community water scheme.
Cornel Rasanga, the Siaya County Governor had earlier signed a partnership agreement between the two parties allowing the KShs. 300 million water and sanitation project to run for 5 years effective 1st July 2018. The pilot phase of the project involve both East Uyoma community water project (Rarieda sub county) and Naya community project (Ugunja sub county). The County will contribute 10 percent of the total project cost whereas the Netherlands Government shall give 50 percent of the funds in terms of grant. Dorcas Aid International shall provide grant of 20 percent whereas Maji Milele company shall provide the remaining 20 percent.
Some of the salient features of this “Public Owned Privately Managed” arrangement will be purchase of water pumping equipment, construction of major reservoir tanks, replacement of transmission pipelines and installation of pre-paid water meters. These will increase production and enhance efficiency of water such that the non revenue water in those schemes is expected to drop from about 50 to less than 20 percent.
The public participation forum was graced by Eng. Adrian Ouma the CECM for Water, Environment and Natural Resources, Otiende Amollo MP Rarieda, Booker Bonyo MCA Uyoma North, all the Ward Administrators Rarieda, the Chief Officer Water and Director Water amongst others.