Rice farmers angered over water blockade in Awasi/Onjiko

Rice farmers in Awasi/Onjiko ward that are left dry due to lack of water

Rice farmers in Masune rice scheme in Awasi Onjiko ward, Nyando Constituency are up in arms over what they term re-direction of water from River Nyaidho.

The farmers have protested at the work that was done by the office of the area MP Jared Okelo in an effort to open up water ways in the area.

Linet Awinda, a farmer says those who were working at River Nyaidho blocked water that was flowing into their rice farms.

Awinda says all the rice in the farms are bound to dry up since they have been denied flow of water into the farms.

She accused the office of the area MP for carrying out works on the water ways without involving the farmers.

Hesbon Obura, another dejected farmer says consultation is very key noting that the work that was done by the office of the MP is wasted.

Obura says the area MCA Maurice Ngeta had helped the famers to have access to water on their farms.

He says all that effort has now been wasted by the people who are hell bent to destroy the work of the MCA.

When contacted, MCA Ngeta confirmed that the farmers have raised the issue with his office.

He promised to visit the farmers and see the damage caused.

However, Ngeta accused MP Okello for working in isolation noting that over time he has requested the MP to work with elected leaders at the grassroots but to no avail.

Attempts to reach out to the MP to seek out his audience over the matter failed since he did not pick his cell phone.